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Jun 6, 2022
We went to look at hens and ended up getting more chicks along with a hen!! 😅🤦‍♀️
My 13 year old sweet talked me with my 2 year old backing her up. They gave a compelling story about not splitting up from momma hen and how would I feel if someone took me from my babies. Needless to say, I caved lol. Anywho. I'm trying to figure out what breeds they may be. The lady we got them from just threw some hens undermom and let her be a mom. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks so much!


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Do you know what kind of chickens the lady had? That will help narrow it down considerably. They might just be barnyard mixes. Unrelated: I would get a smaller, shallower waterer so the chicks can't fall in and drown. Im impressed with their balancing skills though 😆
Oh my goodness she had about 30 different breeds if not more. Lol. The dish bowl is pretty shallow although it does look deep in this pic. I tend to sit out there with them when I feed and water my Lil chicken nuggets. I should be getting a watering thing in the mail today and will change it tonight. 🙃 I'm pretty sure on of the babies are a Rhode island red. I do remember that one. The one with the feathers on the legs and the hen I'm not to sure about and I forgot to get her numbe.😑

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