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    Jan 1, 2011
    I live within the city limits in Lebanon Oregon. I have received permission to have 4 hens in my backyard. We will be purchasing a coop with small enclosed run but, they will have access to our large, fenced yard during the day. I would like anyones suggestions as to what breed you would recommend. They will be raised for the most part as a pet, part of the family. I dont care about egg size or color. I would prefer a more quiet breed, docile and friendly. We do live in the Willamette Valley so we got LOTS of rain during the winter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Welcome fellow Oregonian!! You should just start going over the breed threads and see what look of birds appeals to you. I usually recommend Faverolles, but if you want a QUIET breed, they aren't it. They are very docile, but when one of the girls lays an egg, the whole neighborhood knows it! LOL You've said what you DON'T care about, but what DO you want? Are there specific colors/color patterns that appeal to you?

    Orpingtons are great birds, very friendly. As well as Wyandottes. Personally, I do not like the personalities of any of the sex links that I've seen, nor do I care for Rhode Island Reds, or Plymouth Rocks. But that's just me.

    Also, check out the Oregon thread, and the Oregon Spring Poultry Swap thread!!


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    It's really an individual preference. I personally think Barred Rocks are the best all-round chicken, unless you want them to go broody and raise chicks--they can, but it's not all that common. Great layers, friendly, intelligent, great foragers, etc. They are not pushovers in the flock so they come off as bossy, but I like that. I also love my true Ameraucanas (as opposed to Easter Eggers) for being great layers and super friendly. Delawares are fabulous as well--they are so darn friendly, you keep tripping over them.

    It depends on what you like. With lots of rain, you may not want any with feathered feet, which tend to get mucked up in wet weather. Rocks and Ameraucanas do great in both cold and heat. I have both buff and blue Orpingtons and the blues are not that friendly, except for my big blue rooster, who is a love. My buff Orps are much friendlier. Heck, every Rhode Island Red I've had was also friendly but some people think they're aggressive or aloof, so it really varies.

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