What Breed


8 Years
Aug 24, 2011
can anyone help , my 8 week old pullet has feathers around her eyes giving her an owl type look , can anyone identify her breed . thank you
Can you post pics? When you say feathers around the eyes, do you mean a beard and muffs or crest? What kind of comb - single (straight serrated line), rose (fleshy kind of triangular looking area maybe raised and bumpy with a spike starting to grow off the back), pea (fleshy triangular like area with distinct (or not so distinct) bumpy rows), buttercup (two straight serrated lines that form a v in the back), etc? Does it have feathered legs? Extra toes? What kind of stance, wing carriage, body type? What color? All of these things help to identify breeds and sometimes gender. Pictures would help greatly. And...
you know how an owl has a ring of feathers around its eyes giving it that look that only owl's have. Well my bird has the same ring of feathers, she is brown with no visable comb yet

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