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Aug 28, 2011
Any ideas on the breed of these two? We got them as chicks from someone who just said bantam. But it's fun to try and guess.

I don't profess to be an expert, but the top one reminds me of a D'uccle, maybe a cross? It doesn't look pure. I've seen the second one before somewhere, but I can't say where. They're both pretty.
they are both d'uccle just not the best of quilty though
mille fluer (actually looks like a blue mille) and a porcelain. the eggs should be a cream color
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its not a golden neck it is a millie you can see the very faint cheverons that would make up the millie patteren also golden necks do not have any color besides buff and white. that pic you can clearly see buff, white, and blue. which means instead of the black that you normally associate with the milli color she has blue which would make her a BLUE MILLIE FLEUR
this is a blue mille
theses are golden necked

I think the top one may be a Golden Necked d'Uccle, not Millie Fleur.
Aww, they are both really sweet. Two of our faves. The light one loves to sit in a basket in the house. They both just love to be with us.

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