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    Apr 17, 2011
    Due to new zoning laws, we recently had to remove our chickens to our property in the country. We would much rather have them at home with us. We have been told there is a breed of "chicken" that is actually an exotic bird, this would be a way for us to get around the new chicken ordinance. Does anyone know what breed this would be? I have been told possibly polish? If you know what breed this is I will need some kind of proof ir documentation to be able to show. Not papers, like you get with a puppy. Something I can show to zoning to get approval before we get any to keep at home. Although,we love to sit on the back porch and enjoy watching the chickens we want to follow the law.

    In short, I have been told that there is an exotic bird,that greatly resembles a chicken, lays eggs almost everyday. And really the only difference is the "exotic bird" label.

    Any thoughts???

  2. Silkies are really common so they would be easy to find, they are so fluffy that they might be exotic looking enough. They were originally found by Marco Polo (I think) on an island, and he was impressed with their great mothering instincts and broody abilities that they caught some and domesticated them.

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