What breed?


11 Years
Aug 25, 2008
Red bird in back--if it has feathered legs (its difficult to tell from the photo) then it is a Red Frizzle Cochin. Red bird in front-some sort of red breed of chicken, its difficult to tell for sure right now. But some options are Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, and Red Sex-link. Silver bird in the lower right-Silver Laced Cochin.

To blurry to tell for sure. but it looks like a Black Sex-link or possibly a Black Copper Marans.
Looks like a Black Sex-link (also called a Black Star) pullet. Black Sex-links are a hybrid breed of chicken made by crossing a Rhode Island Red cock and a Barred Rock hen. When the chicks hatch, females will be almost pure black, while the males will have a white patch on their head (hence the name "sex-linked"). Black Sex-links mature relatively quickly, and are excellent layers of large brown eggs.

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