what breed??


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Apr 26, 2014
My wife and I are brand new to raising chickens. I just built a coop and am getting ready to put them in it. right now they are in a wadding pool and the garage. I have 5 of the yellowish ones that look like they are starting to grow white wings, and the one black/white speckaled one with whate marking around the head. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Black bird is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. The others could be leghorns, but they also look like they could be Cornish crosses. Where did you get them?
The white ones could be white Rocks. Could also be Cornish X. That one standing up in back looks to have some thick legs.
yes it does. I suspect that one might be a rooster. Its the biggest, fastest developing and definitely the leader of the group.
That standing one does look massive. However, I'd guess White Rocks--the down of the chicks looks to have some grey to it, and I don't recall any of our broilers having that (but that could be a strain thing?). If I remember correctly, some White Rock chicks I had did grow much faster than the other breeds they were brooding with.

You should be able to tell if they're broilers or Rocks before too long.
I think Im with you. From the internet, I am leanin toward white rock too. I think at 4 weeks the cornish x is pretty well developed, right?

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