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Whits End

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5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
Just bought these lovely ladies, I was told they are brown leghorn, but their eggs are brown, not white, so I'm lost. They are young, only just starting the lay.

The three small eggs are theirs, the large is from my RIR
Thanks for the responses, I've very happy with them, they are beautiful, and quite docile, hoping to fully tame them. I acquired a small flock of mixed hens and now I'm hooked, chicken lady through and through now.
Here's one of my new girls on my lap...
Wow, those eggs are so pretty!!! They are unusually dark.

Yes, your hens are Red Sexlinks (aka Golden Comet, Cinnamon Queen, Red Star, Gold Sexlink, ISA Brown, etc.).
They are Red Sex-link hens (sold under names like Red Star, Isa Brown, Golden Comet, etc.) Definitely not leghorns, but they are similar to leghorns in that they are excellent egg producers.

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