What breeds are used to creat a Golden Comet

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    Is it a Orp X BR? Any ideas?
  2. alicefelldown

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    Isn't is a a cross between a New Hampshire roo and a White Plymouth rock hen that will give you a Golden Comet bird?

    I know there's a lot of options for sex-linked birds [​IMG]
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    Quote:Your right, but it can also be,


    (BO+BR is a black Sexlink...)
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    I took this from Feathersite, link given below. I believe the Rhode Island Red male is often used for this cross as well as the New Hampshire Red male. There is no regulatory body controlling this so often the red sex links are mis-labelled. I personally would not trust that any specific parent was used to make the Golden Comet unless I knew the parents or the breeder.

    White Rocks with the silver factor (the dominant white gene would produce all white offspring) are crossed with a New Hampshire male to produce the Golden Comet.

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  5. alicefelldown

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    Aug 18, 2008
  6. Neil Grassbaugh

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    Golden Comets were a color sex linked brown egg layer developed by Hubbard. They were one of the early, if not first, commercial strain of this type bird.

    Hubbard is now a part of the Girmaud genetics group of France. There is no longer an egg type chicken that has Hubbard in its name. The brown egg layers offered by Groupe Girmaud is the ISA Brown. Hubbard meat type chickens are still an important part of the industry. Due to the familiarity of the Golden Comet name many mail order hatcheries call any bird of this type Golden Comet. They are all very much the same.

    Oliver Wentworth Hubbard of Walpole NH started out his work on sex linked brown egg layers in the 1920s. He discovered that the RIRs that worked best in this cross were actually ones that had a genotype that included the recessive black tailed orange gene hidden by the dominant red. The birds carrying the black tailed red gene were segregated for that characteristic and for carcass quality for during those days when "dual purpose" birds satisfied market demands. We know this refined bird today as the New Hampshire breed. New Hampshire Reds is an enduring but incorrect name for the breed.

    The parents of the reddish brown feathered terminal cross brown egg layers are not any breed that you would recognize and the colors used would surprise you. The fathers are mostly brownish/red and the mothers are more or less white with markings best described as a weakly barred Columbian which most would think of as a Delaware. The idea that a Rhode Island White is used in the terminal cross is a myth generated by the uninformed who believe a simplified version of a much more complicated matter.
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    Quote:Thanks for the link alicefelldown! [​IMG]

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