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I got 4 of my hens from somebody who ordered them online and only knew that they were 'pure breed, good egg layers'. Then I got 2 more from my local feed store that somebody dropped off there.
So far the most I've gotten is 4 eggs - all brown, althought I have one hen (not sure which) that consistently lays brown eggs that are flecked with white. (now I'm only getting 2 eggs a day max... seems like the 4 youngin's decided that laying eggs was too much work.

Anyways here are the pics:

Barred Rock? She was the first to lay out of the 4 younger ones. Med brown/pinkish eggs (the picture makes her look like a devil hen


EE? If so shes not laying yet. Shes really really small compared to my other hens...


My first guess was white leghorn but when I caught her in the nesting box with a brown egg it made me rethink that one.


Golden Laced Wyndotte?


Rhode Island Red? Or maybe a Production red? You cant see it in the picture but she has a tiny bit of black on her tail. She was one of the two from the feed store.


I really have no clue on her. She was the second one from the feed store.
1.Barred Rock
2.EE- some ee's lay brown eggs

3. White leghorn- someone else probably layed the brown
4.Golden Laced Wyndotte?
5. RIR- I have one just like her
6. No idea maybe a mutt?
1. Barred Plymouth Rock if single-combed, Dominique if rose-combed.
2. Easter Egger
3. White Plymouth Rock
4. Golden-Laced Wyandotte
5. Production Red
6. Black Sex-Link or variation of.
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That's what I was going to say. The first one doesn't look like a single comb, so I would say more likely a dom. The third one has red earlobes so you know it's not a leghorn.
1. barred rock
2. EE - I've heard they usually take a lot longer to start laying, so you may still end up with some green eggs
3. white plymouth rock - leghorns lay early and if she was a leghorn you would have already found white eggs
4. golden-laced wyandotte
5. RIR or produciton red - she looks just like my production red and mine has the black in the tail too
6. are her legs yellow? she looks like one of my hatchery stock barnevelders that I purchased from my local feed store - check out the photos and see what you think

this photo shows both barnevelders at 16 weeks old

Two photos of my red-chested barnevelder taken today at 21 weeks of age:


She's really pretty and her black feathers all have a green sheen to them
Her legs are yellow, but I think that her feathering doesnt have that penciled (is that the right word?) look to it and she seems to have little more red then yours. Maybe shes a mix of some sort.

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