What breeds do I have?


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Apr 29, 2014
I have a lot of chickens that I have no idea what breeds they are. I do know the names of breed I bought but it seems I have a bigger variety here. This one is Skeeter. She is a high flyer and I had to clip her wings. She is much smaller than all the other chickens but same age, all from March and April. Is she one of my easter eggers?
that black one is Keata and none of the others look like her at all. If I have the right pic here she is the one one the right. Breed? Oh and I also need to know what the black and white one is on left. Her name is Elizabeth and again, we only have 1 that looks like her.
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A Phoenix really?? My daughter wanted 9 n of those sooooo bad lol. None of the chick's I bought at the farm store were listed as Phoenix. I can get a head shot of Elizabeth but trying to load a pic on here is hit n miss. Excited that skeeter might be a Phoenix. Thanks
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here is a closer pic of Elizabeth. The real good pic I have of her won't upload.
Well here's the dilemma I have with my white rocks. I only bought 2 white rocks but I have 3 now. I also bought 5 boilers at the same time. I was watching the boilers grow and counting them, then one day there were only 5 in the brooder and 3 other white chicks that weren't like my boilers (Cornish rocks). Could it be possible one if my boilers heard us calling him deep fried and decided to transform into a white rock normal hen?
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