What Breeds Do You Raise and Why?

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  1. eatmorechicken

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    Mar 7, 2009
    I find these forums interesting. It seems that I discover something new every time I browse this site. One thing I notice is that there are just as many types of people as there are colors and varieties of chickens, and there is a breed suited to every personality. So I'm curious, What breeds do you raise and Why? I beleive that we are all here because there is something that is blissfully indefinable about raising poultry. So share what your flavor is. Is it a specific color, or that you got a bargain on pullets for eggs. What about are the specific reasons such as: preservation, playing with genetics, long tails, long crowers, appealing shape/size, personal egg production and use, commercial egg production, meat production, docile nature for pets, something to keep kids busy with (4-H) ect.
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  2. Pyncheon guy

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    Oct 17, 2010
    NW Michigan
    The only breed I raise anymore is the Pyncheon Bantam.....I love their color and disposition and over all look. I love that I'm raising a part of literary history....the breed is mentioned in Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel...."The House of Seven Gabels".... They don't take up much space and are great little layers and moms. I've had the breed for about 15 years and have been breeding/exhibiting poultry since 1967. I love all breeds...but have decided to help perpetuate this breed....[​IMG]
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  3. draye

    draye Crowing

    Nov 30, 2010
    I raise:

    White Rock: very good layers and I seem to be attracted to white chickens. Also, they are nice size in case of a
    food emergency.
    Lakenvelders: I think these are going to turn out to be fairly good layers, although right now they aren't doing
    too good because of the cold weather. Their eggs are getting bigger.

    Easter Eggers: very colorful eggs to put into my egg basket. They usually lay very well. Again slow like the Lakenvelders.
    Nice color variety.

    I think I will be getting some sex links pretty soon. These will be for laying only for egg sells.
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  4. Cats Critters

    Cats Critters Completely Indecisive

    Black Australorps: Their beautiful hens and are my best layers (I'm down to one now but still the best layer), Also good broodies

    Easter Eggers: So many different colors! and blue and green eggs. Also they tend not to get frostbite on their combs and my sweetest bird ever was one

    Barred Rocks: they where traditional, nice birds, and I have had some nice roosters (2 mean but mostly nice):

    Rhode Island Reds:Nice sweet birds and decent layers

    Cuckoo Marans: Pretty darker eggs, hardy, and (excluding one) very good moms
  5. acid_chipmunk

    acid_chipmunk Polish Silkies d'Uccles O my!

    Mar 29, 2010
    The birds I raise are in my sig. I raise them because they are all such sweet breeds and are great for my kids to have.

  6. I breed buff, b/b/s, and white silkies. I breed those for show.

    I also have light brahmas and brown leghorns for eggs. Along with some gray call ducks, just because they are cute. [​IMG] Not sure if I am going to be keeping the brahmas or the call ducks though.
  7. Illia

    Illia Crazy for Colors

    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA
    I breed and raise the following:

    - Blue Wheaten and Black Copper Marans

    I love the blue wheaten color, plus it is very rare on French Marans. The Marans themselves, both BC and BW, are gorgeous, uncommon birds with good dual purposes and give the most spectacular dark blood-red/brown eggs. They're also a very quiet breed with a lot of dominance, but not in an aggressive way.

    - B/B/S and Buff Ameraucanas

    Ameraucanas are likely my favorite breed, and I LOVE the buff color on them. It is a color in desperate need of preservation and also in some need of progress, too, so I'm working on that. The BBS colors are very pretty, too, and the birds provide the best example of what an Ameraucana should look like and what color egg they should lay. Also, Ameraucanas in my experience have the absolute best, most flawless personalities out there. And who can't resist their gorgeous blue eggs?

    - Tolbunt Polish

    Though I only have two boys covering some laced Polish girls, I really want to work at improving and preserving both the color and the breed. Love Polish and their spunky but extremely friendly personalities, and I love their looks. Plus white eggs from an unusual breed is always a plus. The tolbunt color in specific is something I've fallen in love with for a long time before I began my hunt for my own, too.

    - Shamos

    Any Oriental Gamefowl are an amazing work of art, athleticism, and a rare, ancient breed with a bold intelligence and look. The shamo in particular is a favorite that I can actually raise out here though, as a lot of other Orientals aren't quite so cold hardy. Plus, Shamos are more upright and often bigger, making them look all the more beautiful. I love the fact that the hens don't make their "egg song," the breed in general is never skittish or shy, and they're always tough enough to stand up to even predators.

    - Araucanas

    These are the more "original" type of blue egg layer, but my big reason of love for them is their very wild, almost gamey behavior, their lack of tail which allows for easier foraging without predator dangers, and their amazing cloudy tufts on the sides of their heads. Their bodies are graceful and unique in appearance, and they're very good dual purpose birds with a good natural instinct! They also make great broodies.
  8. Jacklynn

    Jacklynn Songster

    I have....

    Black Rosecombs - I can honestly say the reason I have this breed is because of their looks. I could stare at them all day. [​IMG] I just love them. Their extremely small bantam size is great aswell. Their personalities I'm not too fond of though.

    Bantam Cochins - Who couldn't love a Cochin ? They are just as cute as it gets ! Their personalities are too die for & those feet [​IMG]. I just love them, everything about them.

    Silkies - So they aren't really chickens, but they are so pretty. Their personalities are just the greatest, they are so sweet & docile. It's fantastic. [​IMG]
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  9. SunnyCalifornia

    SunnyCalifornia Songster

    Oct 8, 2010
    Escondido CA
    I bought my first chicks on a recommendation from the feed store for good "family" birds, as I knew they would be constantly poofed and pampered by my daughters.

    Australorps: Christy & Giselle- LOVE them. They are my favorite. Mine are incredibly friendly, easy going, huggable birds. Christy sticks to me like glue when I'm gardening. She knows sooner or later I'll turn up something tasty. Giselle never minds been swept up and cuddled, or having her toenails painted by the kids (with chalk). They have been laying constantly since they matured this past summer.

    Buff Orpingtons: Drew & Cher- I lost my favorite BO in a heat wave, and the two remaining don't have her same personality, but I they have the best fluffy butts. They are sweet, and quite talkative.

    Silver Laced Wyandotte: Raquel- Nice calm bird. She has been a good house chicken while her coop has been under construction. I love her pattern the most of all my chickens' colorings. She was a random pick at the feed store. She's too young to lay, but I have high hopes for her in the spring.

    Delaware- Dixie- She's squirmy to hold, and isn't real friendly (to me). She was purchased a bribe to get my daughter to do something she didn't want to do. [​IMG] Hopefully she'll redeem herself with her laying qualities in a couple months, and calm down a bit. She's been confined too much do to a combination of poor coop planning, bad weather, and growing too fast! I'll suspend judgment until she's in more ideal conditions.

    Old English Game Bantams: George & Romeo- These are my daughters 4H birds. I was told "little birds for little hands" are best, and my daughters are young- 6 & 8. The 4H project leader was hatching these birds, and gave us two. They turned out to both be boys, so I'm hoping to acquire some pullets for them soon, so they'll be happy young cockerels. These little guys are a riot! They are very snuggly, but on the other hand, have a lot of spunk too. I can't wait to see what they are like as they grow up. They are only 2 - 3 months old right now. I wake them up in the morning, then they decide to start crowing (sort of) to try to wake up the rest of the family. They too are inside, until my coop project is finished (this weekend for sure!!).

    If I had more space, there are definitely some other breeds I'm interested in, including D'uccles, Cochins, Seramas.... maybe some of those pretty Easter Eggers, Icelandics, or Americaunas. I'm sure if I had more property, chicken math would take over. For now, I'm trying to cut myself off at 10. Which means I have room for 2 more!

  10. cashdl

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    Nov 25, 2008
    I raise the rumpless tufted Araucana. They are sweet, nosey, hardy birds. The roosters sing and dance for the girls. They let the girls eat the tastiest bits. The hens are excellant mothers. They lay beautiful blue eggs. The are kinda funny looking with their rumpless little bodies and their feathers sticking out of the side of their heads bobbing around as they dart here and there. They are so enjoyable to watch.

    Tufted rumpless splash roo

    Tufted Rumpless blue pullet

    Tufted Rumpless splash hen

    Tufted Rumpless Ginger pullet

    Tufted Rumpless Duckwing Pullet


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