What breeds do you recommend for me?

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    I have four hens that I purchased last spring, and was told they had just started laying. Two are Easter Eggers, one Speckled Sussex, and one Dominique. Through last spring and summer I got at least 14 eggs each week, and it was great! I especially loved the blue-green color of the EE eggs.

    Then in October they started to molt, and completely stopped laying eggs. Fine, no biggie. However, even after their feathers grew in (they look so pretty and fluffy!), they didn't start laying again. In late February I got three small brown eggs. Then today we got one more small brown egg. So, that is four small eggs in FIVE months (and zero from the Easter Eggers).

    I get that I can't expect strong egg production year round. But I'm really not happy with some hens going half of the year without laying, and with getting only four eggs in five months. I have my hens listed on Craigslist and on here, and have received quite a few messages from people who are interested in taking my hens. I only have room for four, so getting new hens means out with the ones who aren't producing for me.

    I want to replace them with a breed(s) that is a good layer. I don't care about getting an egg a day or anything. With four hens, getting 3 eggs per week per hen would be awesome. However, what breeds are most likely to give me eggs for 9 or 10 months out of the year?

    I'd love to stick with brown eggs and stay away from white, but dependable laying is ultimately more important than egg color.
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    I get at least an egg a day from my bantams. Granted they are small, but an egg is an eggl :)
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    I think sussex & orpingtons are supposed to be good winter layers. Nothing beats sex-links for brown eggs and good feed to egg ratio. Giving your birds supplemental light will get them laying, I think a break for molting is very important but when they all finish up, give 'em some light to get them back on track with egg production!
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    Jun 4, 2009
    try a vitamin and worming them, maybe dusting for mites? all can lower egg production

    how cold is it there? if it gets below 30 in the day most breeds wont lay well except orpingtons and wyandottes which are very cold hardy

    try giving them some warm grain also like wheat and corn

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