What breeds do you see?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by HEChicken, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I know its a pain to have to click on a link to get to the meat of the question but I hope some knowledgeable people will humor me :)

    I bought some of these eggs to incubate awhile back. The chicks are now 8 weeks old. At the time I bought them, the only picture they were running was of the eggs so I never knew the parentage of the chicks. When I went to pick up the eggs, I asked the lady, but she didn't know the breeds because she is actually just selling for a relative who lives in a more rural area, and never sees the actual egg producers. I was excited today to see they have run a new ad and now there is a picture of the parents posted as well. I recognize some of the hens - BR, BO etc. And based on the color of the green eggs, there are some EE's among them too. (However I didn't get any green eggs - they were all light brown and one had a lot of speckles.) I'm curious to know who the parents of my little chicks are. One has a rose comb, the others are all single combed. If you could, please tell me what breed is the rooster and what breeds of hens do you see?


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    The rooster in the middle looks like a Rhode Island Red.
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    OH wow I think they took that picture in one of my runs! Just kiddin. I saw some RIR,BO,BSL, a possible EE in the photo. Lovely flock. Also I saw another roo in the back but could not get a make on him. That RIR roo was handsome. Good egg layers shown there.
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    Looked again, there was a hen on the right I missed. I think a barred rock?
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    thats exactly whats there, RIR roo, sex link roo, BSL BO, and a barred rock

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