What breeds do you think?


Aug 1, 2014
Appling, GA
I ordered 10 rare/standard female chicks from TSC which come from Hoover's Hatchery. They only sent 7, then I bought 4 bantams from TSC
They are about 5 weeks old and now I'm wondering about the breeds. I'll worry about gender later but I'm leaning toward roo for more than 1 which doesn't make me happy.
#1 is larger and much heavier than the rest.
#2 is the 2nd largest, a beautiful silver and is starting to get a little mohawk tuft on her head.
#3 is white with black streaks coming in on her wing tips and tail.
#4 I have 2 that are solid white so far
#5 I am hoping is a Lavender Orpington
I'll think about the bantams later. Collage 2020-05-30 18_12_45.jpg Collage 2020-05-30 18_15_24.jpg Collage 2020-05-30 18_20_57.jpg Collage 2020-05-30 19_21_27.jpg Collage 2020-05-30 18_25_38.jpg

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