What Breeds get along with New Hampshire Reds?


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Mar 12, 2014
I currently have a flock of 8 three week old New Hampshire Red chicks. I was looking to get more chickens of a different breed to make my flock bigger. I heard New Hampshire Reds can be aggressive towards other chicken breeds. What breeds get along well with New Hampshires so I can add more to my flock. Do they get along better if raised close in age with each other? And also do they get along with ducks I have one lonely female Rouen who I plan to let live with the chickens so she has a new flock.

Thanks to who ever can help, this is my first flock of chickens (I've raised ducks for 10 years) ever so the help is greatly appreciated!

P.S. on a completely different note, at what age can you tell Pullets and Cockerels apart?

I don't really think breed matters I have nh with other breeds and don't have problems. The age to tell sex of chicks differs it seems. Once they are a few weeks old the males generally start to show a larger comb and start to turn red or pink. Hems usually don't get much color until close to laying time

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