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  1. FarmGirlNE

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    Aug 8, 2007
    Tiplersville, MS
    Well, I'm planning way ahead of time.... lol I'm going to get my chickens in the spring, but have been already thinking of what breeds I should get.... this is partly for my enjoyment, I was raising chickens in nebraska all year, and miss my babies.... but also hoping to use it for some extra income... so... choosing my breeds mostly with that in mind, which ones I could make any money with... especially since we have a large flea market here every month, it would really help with my low income....

    I'm thinking silkies would be good to have, because they're good for hatching, I could always use them to hatch eggs from the other breeds if I needed to or to hatch my guineas.... but I'd love to have showgirls, was wondering if they have this broody quality to them also?

    I know there's some breed that lays really dark brown eggs, and I'd thought those would sell best as far as for eggs to eat.... can't think of what it is though.... which brown-egg-layers would be best for that? also that the chicks might sell well too if I let them hatch to sell the babies?

    Other breeds I've been looking at, just because I love them, don't know what they'd be good for as far as profit.... I had a few various breeds in nebraska that I got this past spring.... I loved my Silver Phoenixes and would love more.... also the Silver Laced Wyandotte.... I had a ton of Polish chicks that I loved, but found out after getting them that they don't get broody, and their eggs are too small really for eating (if that was their eggs we were getting) but wondered if they're worth it in value as chicks to maybe have the silkies hatch them or use an incubator? Thought since they're show birds, maybe they'd be a good choice if I could breed show quality chicks... but being new to this, not sure how to go about getting them to be show quality either...

    What other breeds should I maybe look into? I'm only planning to get 4 or 5 breeds of chickens to start with...

    Also, as for the turkeys... I'm thinking Bourbon Reds? those were the most expensive in the store when we bought my bronze turkeys.... so thought they'd be the best as far as selling the poults? they're my favorites anyway... but I do also love the bronze turkeys...

    With guineas, it is good to let them interbreed, right? to get the different colorings that people want?

    Any advice on this would be appreciated! I'm planning way ahead of time.... but I'm missing my babies and love to read up on it and think about getting my babies next spring [​IMG]
  2. peepkeeper

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    Jul 5, 2007
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    I like all the breeds you mentioned. Why not some good old fashioned RIRs? They're great layers of huge brown eggs.
  3. LynnGrigg

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    Jun 6, 2007
    Winston Salem, NC
    RIRs, SexLinks, EEs, BarredRock, Dominiques for eggs.
    Silkies for broody hens.

    Below is a link to a chart you might enjoy. It gives you a good idea of details about each breed includingPopularity of the breed, how many eggs(what size) to expect, temperament, and cold/heat hardiness.

  4. Katy

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    My marans hens lay very dark eggs, but my welsummers who also lay very dark eggs don't go broody as often and lay more consistantly. The marans and welsummers that I have both have great personalities.
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    Apr 23, 2007
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    Sorry to change the subject, but I just read your posts and see you were from NE now in Ms. Well here is another. Was born and raised in Ne Moved to MS 10 years ago. Glad to know someone else transplanted. Ha Ha. [​IMG]
  6. FluffyChickenMama

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    Jun 13, 2007
    I would definitely recommend Black Stars or BSL.. I have 4 black stars and I love them for laying.. My Rosie is friendly and has a great personality... shes my absolute favorite of all my hens.. Rosie is on the right..


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