What breeds?

Aug 6, 2019
Hi all - These chickens are 16 weeks old. They came from an assortment of chicks from Murray McMurray, and yes we originally thought they were all female, but I bet you can spot the cockerel! Sorry, my pics of #4 aren't totally clear - that one is a bit camera shy.
Would love some feedback on what breeds I have - Thanks :)
IMG_1655.jpg IMG_1657 copy.jpg



IMG_1664.jpg IMG_1661.jpg
Thanks everyone. Your identification pretty much follows what I had figured out with some research, but it's nice to have confirmation. And now, after reading about Andalusians more, I totally get why she is always the first one to hop out of the coop whenever she gets the chance (notice the photo was taken on top of the coop!)

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