What can get a Polish chicken disqualified from fair shows?

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    Hello, I was curious on what judges look for in a Polish chicken when judging in an Open Class Exhibition, and what can disqualify a Buff Laced Polish chicken.

    The reason why I am asking is because I am purchasing 3 young Buff Laced Polish pullets this Friday and I want to enter them in our local fair.
    I have never entered a chicken in the fair before. Thank you, help is greatly appreciated!
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    Standard of Perfection is the best place to start.
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    Jul 2, 2010
    Medford, OR
    Quote:Thanks for replying. I looked it up on the internet, and it didn't really share the information I am looking for.
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    Hold on i will type something up


    so i acually got this from polish chooks

    Male Standard


    Sprightly and erect

    Back - fairly long, flat and tapering to the tail.
    Breast - full and round. Flanks deep.
    Shoulders - wide.
    Wings - large and closely carried.
    Tail - full, neatly spread, and carried somewhat low, not perpendicularly, the sickles and coverts abundant and well curved.

    Large and decidedly pronounced protuberance on top, and crested.
    Crest - large, full, circular on top and free of any split or parting, high and smooth in front and compact in the centre, falling evenly with long untwisted or reverse-faced feathers far down the nape of the neck, and composed of feathers similar to those of the hackles.
    Beak - of medium length, and having nostrils rising above the curved line of the beak.
    Eyes - large and full.
    Comb - of horn type and very small if any (preference should be given to birds without a comb).
    Face - smooth, without muffling in the White-crested Black or Blue varieties, and completely covered by muffling in the others. White Polish are found in two forms, both bearded and non-bearded.
    Muffling - large, full and compact, fitting around to the back of the eyes and almost hiding the face.
    Ear-lobes - very small and round, quite invisible in the muffed varieties.
    Wattles - rather large and long in the White-crested and non-bearded varieties; the others are without wattles.

    Long with abundant hackle coming well over the shoulders.
    Legs and Feet:

    Legs - slender and fairly long, the shanks free of feathers.
    Toes - four, well spread.


    With the exception of the crest, which is of globular shape, the general characteristics are similar to those of the male allowing for the natural sexual differences.

    Split or twisted crest. Comb, if any, other than horn type. Absence of muffling in Chamois, Golden and Silver varieties. Legs other than blue or slate. Other than four toes on each foot. Any deformity. Absence of black or blue in the front of crest in White-crested Blacks and Blues.

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  5. dcsandgren

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    Jul 2, 2010
    Medford, OR
    Thank you for sharing the information from the site, it helped with a few things I hadn't known. I'll have to keep this in mind! [​IMG]
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    I love BYC! You always learn something!

    Here I was worried that the little bit of Blue in the front of my WC Blue hen's crest would be a problem, and it turns out that the absence of it would be a DQ!
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    As a side note, make sure you quarantine them for at least 30 days after getting them and 30 days after the fair. A reputable fair will have the exhibitors sign a health declaration form - make sure they offer one just in case.

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