What can I do about my tom, he isn't walking very good!

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    I also posted this in the turkey section.
    He got bit by a neighbor's dog 2 or 3 weeks ago, that dog came on my property by the way... Anyways poor tom of mine hasn't been himself lately. Family and I built a good sized covered run and coop for him, his hen, and some chickens. He's on the ground almost all the time, if he needs to move he flaps his wings like crazy [for balance I guess] and just stumbles to his destination. He can sort of stand up a little, like raises himself up, but I've noticed his toes are curled when he does this. His toes don't curl when he stumbles around though.
    So I've been feeling his legs, thighs, and his body for any wounds. I can't find any. I've been applying pressure to various areas to see if I can find his boo-boo and he doesn't do anything. I always carry him into his coop into a turkey sized nest box every night so he doesn't get chilly. This morning his waddle on his neck was small and red. He's eating and drinking fine though, poop is normal.
    Is he just taking a long time to heal from this dog bite? I can't even find the bite! What's going on? He's been like this for 2 weeks.

    Edited to say that I've noticed that when he's on the ground he doesn't sit on his right side - as in he's leaned over to his left, he doesn't want to apply pressure to his right leg or side. So I guess it's his right leg or thigh? I checked everywhere for wounds but couldn't find a dang thing. Could it be a fracture somewhere? I'm applying pressure everywhere but he doesn't even jerk. He doesn't like it too much when I lift his wing up though.

    Oh and one more thing.. I have him around to keep the hen happy and for chick hatching this year... If he continues to be like this, or heals from whatever is wrong with him but cannot mate properly with the hen, he may very well be headed to the freezer.. I DO NOT want that! I've had his since he was 5 weeks old but if I have to I will find another tom this spring.
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    could be an internal injury, or a sprained muscle
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    check the bottom of his feet for possible bumblefoot please. It could be that the neighbor caught either bit there or caused some trauma. Yes, bones can be fractured in poultry and they will heal it takes time.

    Do you know if your neighborhood dog was up to date on shots? I would have to research it, but there may be a possibility that there is an issue there with your turky

    Also, please check for lice and mites on him.

    Bumble foot treatment and signs are very well described in this section....

    Hope this was of some help and wish you the best on his recovery.
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    I didn't even think of bumblefoot. Thank you! I have no idea if the dog was up to date on shots... I haven't seen the dog since the birds were moved into their coop/run or the neighbors. I do know that they have a lot of cats from a shelter, but that is no help here. He and the other birds don't have lice or mites. Please research whatever it is.. I wish I had a vet to do this type of stuff but almost every vet around here only do felines and canines, or if they do birds the price costs more than the gas to get there.

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