What can I do to help my chicken on the road to recovery?

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7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
Hey All,

I have one poorly chicken, a black cochin named Daphne. She seems to have infectious bronchitis. Our vet saw her while sorting vaccinations fro our other animals and gave her an antibiotic injection today. The other option was putting her down as she is very weak, but we decided to give her a chance.

I isolated her yesterday in a large spare nest box in the front porch with fresh straw, water with poultry tonic in it and food (a mix containing mostly mash). The door flap is ajar to allow fresh air in.

The weather outside is pretty damp...but not very cold. Typical for an October in rural east Yorkshire!

Is there anything else I should consider doing to help her recover? My concern is that the damp weather may not be helping, but I am also weary of moving her into a completely different environment as it may cause stress. Would putting her in a spare room with heat lamp etc help her out?

Kind Regards,

Try feeding her a green smoothie mix of Kale, Carrot, Apple, Honey, Ginger, water and any other veggies that have great vitamins and minerals. Dropper feed her if she wont eat the mixture on her own. (Making sure to give small amounts so as not to aspirate her) you can squeeze a bit of the mix into the side of her beak and she will swallow it on her own, or use a long dropper to get it past her opening to her lungs. I have even given my birds green smoothie enemas and they got a boost of energy and restarted their digestive tract. Good Luck :)

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