What Can I do with my Crazy Pullets?

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    Oct 16, 2009
    I have 8 pullets aged 28 weeks, mostly Brahmas (and quite a few mature hens and roosters). They free range over a large area in theory. In practice they tend to wander between the house , their coops and the enormous agricultural shed/modern barn (about 200 yards from the house).

    One non-Brahma pullet came into lay a few weeks ago and obligingly used the nest box.

    Today we have had strong winds and intermittent rain (temp in the low 50's). The chickens (pullets, hens and roosters) have been sheltering under the eaves of the agricultural shed in a neat line. On going down to the shed I have found three pullet eggs also in a neat line each about 3 feet apart, and laid some time after 2:00p.m.

    Anyone got any suggestions as to how to coax them to lay in the nest boxes? (There's already rubber eggs in there). Please bear in mind that they are currently afternoon layers at the moment.

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    May 29, 2011
    You might want to try to keep them in the coop longer in the morning before you let them out to free range. I have one that lays late in the day and she usually goes back to the nesting box to lay but I have found an egg or two by one of the pine trees they hang out by. Either to lazy to go back to the box, couldn't wait any longer or just liked that spot!

    If they are currently afternoon layers let them out even later.
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    There is a certain "training period" for our young pullets. I generally integrate younger pullets, just before POL. This gives them time to be "taught" by the experienced hens. Monkey see - Monkey do, kind of thing. Until they've mastered laying in the boxes, they do not get recess. Period. Yes, it sounds stern, but I am not going to go on easter egg hunts. Just not.

    With a flock of all young pullets, they're going to be kept in the coop or in an adjacent run until I'm sure they've mastered it. It usually only takes two weeks of this and they never learn the bad habits of laying here, there and everywhere.

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