what can i do with...........

1.) Freeze for later use (during lower production times), freeze in ice cube trays, then bag them up...
2.) Give to family & freinds
3.) Post "For Sale" up in front yard or down the street
4.) Give to homeless shelters & the like....
5.) Post on Craig's List & freecycle, to get future potential buyers hooked
BAKE SALE!!! Your local church, flea market etc. Make some nice cookies or whtever and take a few dozen extra eggs. I like to keep a pile of copies of an article about how healthy free range eggs are compared to store bought next to where we sell the eggs.
Or if you don't want the hens to help pay for their feed, you can donate them to a local school, shelter, or orpahnage, etc.
You dont need a permit. If it was live birds I think yuou need a NPIP CERT.

I love egg sald. Easy to make to
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Send them to me
, We're still waiting for our first home-grown egg, and as it'll be a pekin egg, it won't stretch very far:lol:

You must have neighbours who'd like some extra-fresh eggs, could end up making yourself a little pocket money

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