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    ok so im new to incubating and im not buying my eggs so im using the ones straight out of the coop that are fertilized. What my question is is that im putting in a egg or two a day, what will i have to do when it comes time to raise the humidity during the last three days? since the eggs are not going in all at the same time will the intervals in the days they have been incubating mess the batch up in the end???
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    I would skip the add as they lay approach and just save eggs for a week or so and start them all at once. The eggs will be fine for at least a week without going into the bator (think hen building her clutch before actually setting) and it is so much easier to do that then have a staggard hatch.

    For just a week you could probably just leave the eggs sit on the counter, but for optimum incubation put them pointy side down in an egg carton and tilt it at around a 45 degree angle a couple of times a day to "turn" the eggs. I take a thick book and put it under one side of the carton and then switch sides a few times a day. I also usually store the eggs in the garage so they stay cool but not fridge cold, but this time of year (depending on your weather) you'll probably be better off keeping them inside.
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    If they are already in the incubator - go ahead & raise the humidity on day 18 for the first egg. You don't want her to pip & get shrink wrapped. It shouldn't hurt the other eggs, but they may have too much water in there & drown the chicks in the egg.

    Keep them in an egg carton - pointy side down for hatching. This will allow the extra water to stay low in the egg away from the air cell.
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    If you hatch at 50-55% for lockdown the remaining chicks will not drown and you should be ok. I hate staggered hatches.

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