What can we do about Henopause ? Non layers need love too


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Sep 12, 2015
I have a senior hen that does not lay. I purchased her with the other 3, and the owner said she didn't lay as much but if I didn't want her they could stew her (accchhh) So I brought her home, she doesn't lay but she is quite hysterical in personality. And a heck of a gardener. She has no value, or so I am told, but she is family. How long will she live? I am thinking she doesn't lay because she is a senior.....could there be another reason? I have studied health issues, and take serious care of them. Anyone else experience Henopause?

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I have two almost 7 year old hens that no longer lay. They are my original birds, so they have a home here for life. My light brahma earned her keep last summer by going broody and raising babies. I have heard of some that have 10 year old birds.

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She may be fine, and just paused or stopped entirely. She may have an issue that can't be fixed, but do well. I lost two ten year old hens this spring, that layed few or no eggs for years, but were happy until a couple of weeks before the end. Some birds stay here forever, some get eaten, and some move to other homes. Mary


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I have an old Barnevelder hen, "Barnie Green", who will be 13 in February. She hasn't laid an egg in years - in fact was never much of a layer even in her prime - eggs small and scarce- but she is just as beautiful as she always was.

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