What can you do with blown eggs?

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  1. This is just something I decided to try my hand at..........NOW remember I am not artistic at all........desparate to get creative, of course I waited until my hands are stiff with arthritis and my eyes....well......going bad fast........SO me to wait until the last minute...just wanted to share and would like to see if anyone has different ways of using your extra eggs? [​IMG]

    These will be ornaments [​IMG]
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    Okie, that is very nice, I wouldn't know creative if it bit me on the butt. [​IMG]
  3. It must have hit me in the butt just recently...... too bad or maybe a good thing my eyes are bad uh [​IMG]
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    That's neat! Eastern Europeans,like where my mother came from before the Soviet Russian scum invaded her homeland,use the hollowed-out eggs to make pszczjantij,or decorated eggs. Czar Nikolaj of Russia(why not?),had Faberge of Paris fabricated ornate versions of these eggs to give to his beloved wife, the empress. I still have my tools to make my pszczjantij and have passed this skill onto my step-kids children.

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    Those are cute! I am very crafty and have half finished projects in every corner of my house but I saw some of the cutest egg ornaments on ebay one day and they were a good price so I bought them. They were brown eggs and the girl had painted santas, poinsettias, snowmen...on them with a little ribbon glued to the top, they were sweet. If I could figure out how to blow the mess out of them without my big mouth blowing the whloe end of the egg out I might try it myself! Good luck!
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    Quote:It's surprisingly simple. First you need a good poking tool to create small (about 1/8") holes on each end of the egg -I used a Dremel with a rounded-point bit. With the Dremel I was able to drill a hole in the egg without breaking the membrane, so there was no mess -except for eggshell dust, so a mask is helpful. Then take a long needle-like instrument (I used a bamboo skewer) and poke into the egg a few times to break the yolk. Now comes the fun part! Using an ear bulb, gently push the egg matter out of the shell -being sure to remove the tip from the egg when refilling with air (in other words, don't leave the tip of the ear bulb in the egg when you release pressure on it, or the egg matter will be sucked up into it and it's a pain to clean out). After that you need to thoroughly rinse (with a little bleach added), rinse again, and then let them dry completely.

    It's fun! I did it just last week for the first time with my duck eggs (perfect for it because they are stronger) and now I'm just trying to decide what to do with them -there are so many possibilities![​IMG]
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    uuummmmmm, thank you for the directions, but I think I will pass...and do something that seems much easier!! I'll just buy the ones the rest of you smart folks make!!
  9. [​IMG]

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    We're going to be making ornaments from directions we found in Family Fun Magazine. The blown eggs are painted green and glued to a small cork for the trunk the decorated like a Christmas tree. The gift tags will be signed From Alex (DS), Sasha and Dove (our 2 white egg layers). He'll be doing the majority of the decorating so it will be a 5 year old's artwork. [​IMG]

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