What caused this?

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5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
New Jersey
One of my chickens (not sure which one) laid an egg that is two to three times the size of all the regular sized eggs. What causes this? I didn't want to simply assume to what is obvious in my head ... so I thought I'd ask you guys the chicken experts

That's a bobby dazzler isn't it! Generally they will also be double Yolkers so guess it's bigger as it's a twin egg. Gotta pity the poor chook who laid it though!, lol
My vote is you have a double yolk egg. You'll see double yolk eggs in pullets whose system is still working out the kinks. For some reason the oviduct releases the yolks to close together and as they move along the two are encased in the same shell.

Crack it open and see!

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