What causes a chicken to molt? What does lice look like?

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Can a chicken molt when it is 3 years old? What causes this? Anything I should do for her?

    Her skin looks pink and seems like there are pins for feathers growning back in... her belly skin is kinda flaky though.

    Could this be lice?? what does chicken lice look like ? How do I tell if she has lice?

    How often do you need to dust chickens for mites? Is there something to dust them for lice?

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    Jul 10, 2009
    I do not know about the molt ,I am new myself at this .IF she has lice you will see wither eggs generally by the vent or live bugs , google lice and you will find pictures . I dust them with Sevin powder , from home depot . I only dust when I find proof of lice and then I repeat 10 days later since it only kills the live ones not the eggs .. and the eggs hatch about every 10 days .
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    Here's a link to info about lice and mites.

    Chickens will molt yearly, and when new feathers grow in they are called pin feathers, cause they look like pins-good sign.

    There are several different treatments for parasites, if you have them. Good luck



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