What causes a sticky chick?

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    Feb 8, 2009
    Ok I have hatched a few great batches and I am not an expert but I am confused on one thing. What causes a sticky chick? I mean one that hatches fine but seems to have the matted down hair look and looks wet even though they are dry. I did some research and found this from the "sticky post" in hatching.


    Ok it says that high humidity causes the chicks to hatch with the smeared look. and to be sticky.

    Then below it say that low humidity causes the chick to stick to the shell.

    So I had a chick that did both?? It hatched looking pretty wet and then after drying for hours still was matted down and looking "wet" and it could not get rid of it's top shell stuck to it's head. It finally popped out but was still stuck to the top shell. It struggled and struggled for hours to get the piece of shell off of it's head.

    So was this from too high or too low of humidity??? Wanting opinions please??
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    I have had a few do that and almost everytime the humidity had dropped on me and the inner membrane of the egg stuck to the chick if that is the case then it will fluff out in a day or two

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