what causes broken yolks


9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
I have one hen that is laying great. She's missed two days in the couple months and made up for both of them the same weeks with a couple two for one days. She's free ranging alot and her yolks are bright orange. I was cooking the other night and noticed all of the yolks were broke in the bowl before I started mixing. I figured the eggs might have been getting a little old. Tonight I cooked a quiche and used eight eggs. None of them were ten days old and every yolk broke on it's on. Her shells are hard so it's not a calcium problem but it is possible it could be protien. She's getting layer pellets and all her eggshells get recycled. I would like to try to incubate a few eggs from her but doubt they would make it. What do you think?

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