What causes "debris" in an Egg

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  1. Once in awhile I find "debris" in an egg. It's not a blood drop/spot. It looks like a bit of dirt or some other brown yuck floating in the white close or right up against the yolk. What could it be and how could it get there? Just wondering. I usually try to scrape it out before cooking the egg.
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    Against the yolk. Are you sure it isn't a blood or meat spot? They are brown in color.
  3. Meat spot? What would that look like? I've seen blood spots and no it isn't that.
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    ive seen it too but didnt know...
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  6. I asked my DH since he makes a 3-4 egg omelett most every day [​IMG]
    and he says it's usually floating around in the white. When I've seen it I thought it might be a bit of pine shavings debris but how in the world would it get up inside before the shell was deposited?
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    Quote:Doesn't sound pleasant though......... [​IMG]
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  8. Yes, DH says it's a meat spot. How can you stop that from happening ? or can you? It looks bad and we like to give our eggs away.
  9. Thanks for the links silkiechicken. Just finished reading them. I'll let my DH know.

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