What causes sticky poo on my 1y/o hen


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I have tried asking before about her, for diarrhea. Someone mentioned the other day, since none of the great suggestions I received helped, that I think the opposite. Sticky poo like young chicks. Wow I though, that could just be it!

So what to feed to loosen her up? She has fresh water, lots of grass, no "bad" plants about, and free feeding 17% protien, plus some organic scratch as a treat most days. : )

Please let me know! : )
I'm experiencing the same thing with one of my production reds. So I gave her a bath, got all the gunk off her butt and inspected the base of the feathers. I found lice nits. Then proceeded to inspect the rest of the chickens for lice and nits. She is the only hen that has the dirty butt syndrome, and I didn't find any nits or lice on the rest of the hens. So after letting her dry, I treated with Sevin, and dusted the entire coop and nest boxes. Its been two weeks so re treatment is in line today. But she is now laying much better eggs than before, her previous eggs were wrinkly and wonky looking, and the poopy butt seems to be clearing up on its own, because I believe that the nits are falling off the base of the feathers as they hatch, so they are not impeding the movement of them when she poos.

It seems that the more nits there are on the base of the feathers, the dirtier the butt. At least from my experience.

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