What charateristics of a buff orp roo will show through when bread with others

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Apr 15, 2012
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Hi all! my friend gave me some eggs to hatch for her and I was wondering what the chickies were going to look like. She has golden comets, speckled Sussex, buff Brahmas and Light Brahmas. and one lone silver laced wyandotte. Anyone have any ideas?
did the Buff Orp mated all of the above hens? if thats the case, then.. BO roo x Golden gommets = all cream/yellow chicks at hatch, they will have Buff looks when grown, some will show white feathering BO roo x Speckled Sussex = speckled looking chicks but a bit lighter or faded, they will have dark buff/Oragen look when fully grown BO roo x Buff Brahmas/light Brahma = creamy chicks with a Back stripe extending to the head, will look Buff when fully grown, except for males on the Light brama, the males of such cross(BO x Light Brahma) will produce whats called Golden buff, which males will have a silver body with Lemon/yellow hackles and saddle) both will have shank feathering, the BOx LB will BO roo x SLW = same as above, Creamy chicks with Back stripes but lacking shank feathering, the females will grow to be gold Buff and Males Golden Buff, no sign of lacing
By old BO rooster breed everything in the yard he could catch: EE, GLW, SLW and whatever I had at the time. I ended up with a bunch of gold/reddish chickens, with mostly big combs and waddles. Even the EE chicks looked a lot like dad. I got gold hens, with Wyandotte combs, too. But for the most part, I got a bunch of yellow chickens.
yes BO have some of the strongest dominant genes, and unless they are breed to even more dominant genes found on birds like Barred Rock and just about any other Black/blue/splash birds
I have one so far with feathered legs! one that has chipmunk type markings.. not like a brown leghorn, just two strips down the back, a brow dot on its head and "eye liner". all reddish buff so far, except one that looks white (just just hatched, from a VERY light colored egg. I wonder if she has another breed she didn't tell me. maybe a light Sussex?
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