what chicken should i get?


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Oct 27, 2012
my mom and i (well just i) am thinking of getting a new
house chicken, but we dont know what kind of chicken to get . i need advise on what type of chicken might make a good house pet.... thank you :)
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I read somewhere here than Silkies make good house chickens. If you have one running round the house it'll be a good idea to get him/her a chicken diaper. They poop a lot and they like to sit on the furniture...
i had some but my dogs didnt get along with them (dont know why) so we had to gave them away ...my dogs like to sleep with the other chickens do ,at night
I would go with a Silkie or a bantam cohin (frizzled cohins are funny!)
Also agree, a diaper is recommended
I don't mean to spoil your fun, but just as a reminder, chickens can be a source of disease for humans. Like many of our pets ( dogs and cats). You will want to have a program inplace to minimize issues.

Looks like the silkie is getting the nod. If I had one, I'm sure she would be living in my house too!

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