What Chickens Teach Us

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    Jun 26, 2012
    I had always thought about things animals teach us, things like patience, kindness, and being yourself. But whenever I thought about things like that, I always pictured horses, dogs, and cats. But then I realized, chickens teach us many things too. Such as never wasting things if you can help it, (Although, if you take this too seriously, you could turn into a hoarder,) respecting leaders, and never wasting any time being sad.

    One lesson I was thinking about happened slightly before winter. My Buff Orpington, Q, was giving Chipmunk, my Eastern game bantam, a hard time. Pecking at her, chasing her around, etc. I felt bad for Chipmunk, and figured they would probably fight a lot now. But, that night, I was running out to close the door to the coop, and there was Chipmunk, snuggled under Q's wing. Looking as if they had never had that fight. It was then that I realized that chickens don't hold grudges, or seek vengeance against their flock. I think, that if humans were able to do that, this world would be a better place.

    What lessons have your chickens taught you?
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    Hmm- I have learned some unintentional lessons from my chickens as well!

    One lesson is in trust. If you think about it, chickens have no reason to trust anything that isn't a chicken! They are prey animals for amost everything, even humans, and yet my chickens are still immensely happy to see me when I visit their coop. Here I am, a huge featherless monster bearing treats. They should run from me. But no, I have happy hens who flood my feet and are happy to jump on shoulders and laps for a scratch.

    Chickens also live for the moment- something I wish I was able to do. I tend to spend too much time dwelling on my past mistakes, or worrying about the future. But when I'm just sitting and watching my flock, I notice that my chickens don't care about anything except what they are doing that instant. They know when to take time to relax in the sun, and they also know to grab every opportunity in front of them, especially if the opportunity is a delicious mealworm or tasty fruit!
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    Yes, trust. Absolutely. Also, my dominant rooster has taught me even someone in a responsible position can take a much-needed break (in a dust bath with his favorite hens, not standing guard). It helps if you have a good second-in-command (subordinate rooster) but if you don't, you still need some time to recharge. Kindness and generosity will get you more satisfying results than Wham Bam! Thank You Ma'am tactics. ;) A good roo gives goodies to the ladies, lets them eat first. More hens squat for this, so there's less chasing and squawking. Dance like you feel it even if it looks silly. Some hens find this quite irresistible. Don't try to fool the girls because word gets around. Young roosters make the tid-bit call for hens but fake 'em out because all they have are twigs, or a small pebble, or sometimes nothing at all. Young pullets are silly and will come running, but the mature hens only do that ONCE. And then, eventually, nobody comes. Gotta get the goods, mister, if you wanna get the goods, y'know!

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