what chickens where are you from and how are they workin out for ya?

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    May 2, 2013
    In addition to what chickens you have please include where you're from and how the breeds are workin out for ya....
    for instance i have 2 blonde sexlinks that seem to lay well,2 golden comets 1 is too old to lay but the other seems to lay pretty well,3 americaunas which i LOVE! they lay pretty bluish eggs pretty well and have good personalities...they also tolerate all seasons...2 Rhode Island Reds...good layers,good personality and tolerate all seasons...1 Dominiquer Roo...he is loud talks all the time and frankly i hope to get a nice even tempered RIR roo next time.but he is gorgeous!he doesnt watch the girls like my old RIR Roo....and 2 dom hens that lay eggs well that peel easy when you boil them....i think that's all.. oh and one Rock that looks like a dom except for the comb..i am in Kernersville NC where we have brutal humid summers and wet cold winters....

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