What color are my Japanese bantam babies?


9 Years
May 13, 2010
Hurricane, WV
I was going to post pics but I may not need to since from what I've seen a lot of the jap chicks aren't to hard to identify, well to the trained eye lol. I can post pics it's just kind of difficult on my phone...

1 is solid white/yellow- I'm thinking it is a black tailed white? With research it seems that's what color their chicks are but could it also be a solid white adult?
1 is white with a very pale pale blue back, lightest blue I've seen, it actually looks very light grey. Maybe blue mottled (or splash) or a grey adult?
1 is white marked the same as the one before, except with a black back. Black mottled?
1 could be what the previous one us but I really think instead of a black back that it's a darker/medium blue color, it looks lighter than black to me honestly. Maybe blue mottled?

The 3 chicks with the colored backs are 50% white & 50% other 2nd color, do I don't think any will be solid black adults, their chicks seemed to be more 75% black & 25% white.

Thanks very much for any opinions, I really want to get into this breed & could use your help
yellow / white chicks can be white birds or black tailed whites
solid black with a white dot on its head is a mottled
black and white ones are black and grey birds
reddish yellow ones are buff tailed blacks

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