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    May 14, 2010
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    These are my americauna or Easter Eggers, Kip lays a beautiful sky blue egg and Darkie lays a kind of a minty sky blueish colored egg. Anyways, I have had them for a while and I have always wondered what color they are. So can anyone tell me? [​IMG]

    This is Darkie, it isn't a very good shot of her but the rest of her is just black.
    This is Kip.

    I will try to get some better pictures up.
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    Well, the thing with EEs is that they are cross bred birds for their beautiful egg color, color varieties are out the window. So they are very seldom a single color, but instead a mix of colors and you get a wide array of phenotypes that can mask the true genotypes. IMO, Darkie is almost a partridge color, but not a pure partridge. Kip is a quail color, but not pure quail because the breast color is incorrect (breast should be clear, not patterned). If I had to label them a color, that's what I would say. But I'm sure someone else will see something there that I missed.
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