What Color Cochin am I?


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Jul 20, 2011
Hello all, this is Clementine, my very first Cochin. Since she is my first, I am not too familiar with them, and how they feather in and such. She was sold to us as a Black Cochin - but she is certainly not feathering in black! As she is getting older, she is getting lighter and developing a lot of white that she didn't have before. This seems strange to me, with each day that passes (and the lighter she gets) I am starting to think she is a different color. The top of her head is turning white, and her chest is feathering in very white/light gray color. I don't care too much what color she ends up being - she is such a love! - I am just curious. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance!

Here she is then....and now.

My black Cochin chicks usually have a few white feathers as youngins, but they molt out and turn all black. Cochins have straight combs, I agree that yours is a brahma, a dark brahma I believe. Good luck!
A brahma huh? I have a buff brahma (looks totally differently obviously), so I hadn't even considered the other colors of brahmas! Well, whatever she is, she is definately a sweetheart. The sweetest chick I have, besides my naked neck :) Well, thank you so much for your input. I will definately watch her comb and look out for those brahma characteristics. And if anybody else has any input, I would love to hear it as well.

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