what color ducklings i would have out of this drake and these hens ?


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Jun 16, 2009
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Hey, could some1 tell me what color ducklings i would have out of these drake and ducks ?

Pekin Hen with - Khaki Campbell Drake what color ducklings would thay have ?

Black Swedish Hen with - Khaki Campbell Drake what color ducklings would thay have ?

Thanks ~Daniel.
pics please
I am wondering about a similar crossing.

Silver Welsh Harlequin drake with 2 Black & White Magpie hens (with the white wing tips!) and 2 black phase Blue Swedish/Black
Swedish hens.

Pekin drake with the same hens.

What colors do you think the ducklings would be?

If I wanted to sell eggs or ducklings, should I get a pair of Harlequin hens, a pair of Pekin Hens, a Magpie drake and a Swedish drake?
Do people buy "mutts"? I don't mind mutts for our table, but I'd like to sell some ducklings next year. Should I concentrate on just one pure breed? Or should I just go ahead and get a couple of muscovy hens and breed Moulards and sell them? (live of course - I can't "do the deed" here for retail. I can get away with it a few times for my own family)

We are a little limited on space and if the ducks could pay for themselves, my husband would be lots happier about my flock.

If I need to separate them, I don't know if he would go for so many pens in our suburban yard, since I am planning to get some meat rabbits this winter.

For the pet lovers, my breeding stock Are my pets.
Here's a link to the Duck Color Calculator: http://kippenjungle.nl/kruisingEend.html

only have to choose the colors in the English dropdown menus, and then calculate the cross. It's not fool proof, but it gives you a good general idea. It can't take into account any recessive genes, if the duck isn't a "pure" color.

For example, with a Pekin hen, you can't be sure what color she is "undeneath" the White - but, with a Khaki Campell drake, I can tell you that there's a good chance the ducklings will be sex-linked (only the girls will get the sex-linked brown dilution that makes the Khaki Campbell...Khaki) - SO, from that crossing you'd likely get Black or Mallard colored male ducklings and Chocolate or Chocolate Mallard colored female ducklings.

Same thing with the Swedish hen to the Khaki drake - male ducklings would likely be Black Bibbed, females would likely be Chocolate Bibbed because they'd pick up the sex-linked brown dilution from the Khaki drake.

Of course, as soon as you think you have the genetics all worked out, something surprising and unexpected will probably hatch out - happens to me all the time.

Hope that helps!
wow cool thanks for the info Annarie

cant wait to hatch the eggs from my Khaki Campbell with Pekin & Black Swedish

hope i do get Mallard colored male and Chocolate Mallard colored female & Chocolate Bibbed female's & i hope i might get a supprise

cant wait to hatch them now lol


Thats a very informative site thanks for that
Do you know if the offspring would breed true to the mix color
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