What color egg should I lay?

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    I hatched out mixed breeds this spring (it was so fun). I got 2 brahma Easter Egger hens. both are from brahma hens (tan ish egg) and EE daddy (same daddy). one girl lays a tan ish egg and the other lays a darker green egg! I thought what color they hatched from is the color egg their gonna lay??? Not that I'm complaining or any thing it is a very pretty egg. BTW they are very small eggs like the brahma eggs and the girls are both the size of brahmas. ones coloring is more EE (shes the one that lays the tan ish egg) and the other has gray coloring (she lays the green egg. both are marked like a brahma. Silly girls huh? I just thought, I should take a pic of the gray ish one, she was feather less for a time as a chick!
    ok I'm done!
    Thanks for listening
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    May 19, 2009
    Egg color is controlled by genes, and they got some from daddy as well. The mother's egg color only tells you half of the story.....

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