What color is my new peacock?


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Jun 29, 2022
Hello! New to the website. So glad to be here. I have researched through about four pages of results about peacock colors and I can't seem to find any that match our new guy.

A little back story - he was roaming in a local town here for about two weeks. He was posted to social media by a local animal rescue. People had been feeding him (but not giving him water 🤷‍♀️). He had set up shop at a local business where he could see his reflection in the doors. So we loaded up to see if we could catch him. When we got there, law enforcement and Fish and Wildlife were there. No one was able to get him and F&W said if we could catch him we could have him. It was quite the spectacle as we had quite the audience as we tried to catch him. After nearly two hours, we were finally able to get him with a fishing cast net. We gently wrapped him up in a sheet and raced home to get him plenty of water, food, and love.
Our 10 year old daughter had been saving up her egg money to buy a pair and for us to rescue one was icing on the cake. She has said 'I can't believe we finally have a peacock!' about 10 times a day 🤣 Now to get him a hen so he will be content.

Anyway, if someone would care to weigh in on his coloring we would be most thankful. His tail feathers almost have a pink/purple hue. We *think* he is a green and from what we have read, they are not as cold tolerant? If so, should we keep a lamp available for him in winter?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!!


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