What color is this Cochin? A Lavendar?


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I have a free range flock of assorted cochins. Most all of my chicks I have hatched are Black or Blue. I'm not sure WHAT color these chicks are, but I LIKE them!

Colors I have/had at the time these eggs would have been laid:
Roosters: Black, Red/Black, Millie & Barred (Black Frizzled Giant Rooster)

Hens: Black, Blue, Millie, Mottled & Barred (I also have white, black & partridge standard sized hens)

(I do have a few regular egg laying chickens in my flock but I can tell their eggs and I never set them . (Dark chocolate & green eggs) This is my 2nd year hatching from most of these chicks and I've never hatched anything like it.

Here are the chicks. They appear to be bantam sized but the only frizzled I have is my Giant Black. These chicks are WAY lighter then any blue chick I have ever hatched. They were light gray as chicks and now they are getting lighter as they feather in.
Any Ideas?

Here is the smooth chick:

And here is the Frizzled Chick:
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Looks like the down may be bluish but according to my monitor it is coming out white ....May be a splash??? Keep more photos out there for us!
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