what color is this silkie? Update with *PIC*, pg 2

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Mar 29, 2010
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The baby in the forefront, looking at the camera. Hatched from a group of B/B/S shipped eggs - I'm a little confused by the tan tint. This photo was taken in daylight, no flash.

thanks for any input!!!

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I had a buff silkie chick who grew up to be snow white! I'll bet yours ends up to be a splash.
The eggs are from me and I don't have a white breeding pen. I did have a lovely cockerel and 3 white hens, but lost the cockerel...couldn't find another one...so I sold the white hens. That was prior to shipping the eggs to the OP.

I really think this is going to be a splash chick. Now, I do have 2 black split/lav hens and a splash split/lav cock in the BBS pen. I think the OP is wondering if there is a possibility that this could be a lavender. While it is a genetic possibility to hatch a lavender from these eggs, I do not believe that this is one.

My splash often hatch with slightly yellowish down mixed with a bit of smoky color.

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