What color will it be? Could it be blue?

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  1. Just had a chick hatch this morning! YAY!!!!
    We've had some rotten luck recently with our chickens (3 broodies failed to hatch anything, 3 chickens died, 2 were injured in a dog attack, etc.) so we are very excited about this little mutt. Maybe a few more will hatch even.
    Our (surviving) black Jersey Giant hatched out this fluffy little chick, and there is no chance at all its a purebred anything. The egg it came from might not be hers, it could be a silver penciled, gold laced, or columbian wyandotte's. It could be a barred rock's. The rooster is likely a (black) blue andalusian as our blue laced red wyandotte roo died a few weeks before she started sitting (though there is still a chance from what I hear).
    The little peep is adorable, of course, but weird looking. I haven't ever had a chick this color before. At first glance it seems fairly typical: black with white spots. BUT it has a frosty grey on the tips of its fuzz, and grey chipmunk stripes down its back. The wing tips are white, the head is light black. The legs are slate grey. None of the potential parents looked like this as chicks. is it going to be blue? I have never had a blue chicken before. I am really just crossing my fingers for anything but solid black.
    What do you think?
    I will try to post a pick when she decides to take it out.
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    How exciting, sorry for all your misfortune I'm guessing the slate leg of the Andalusian,but not guessing anything else

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