What color would this be?

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    I need to know what colour these roosters are... I have 3.. 1 is a Danish Brown Leghorn.. and I'm pretty sure his coloring is called "Partridge"

    But my other 2 of mixed breeds (of what i have no idea) and I need to know what the colour would be called?

    See my oldest DD is starting her Grade 6 Science Fair Project in the next few days, which is going to be about Chicken colour Genetics.(breeding for JUST colour and seeing if it the male or female that gives off the colour to the chick... and is have trouble finding a complete list with pictures of all the chicken colours

    Anyways I'm hoping you all can help her by telling us what is what here...
    I have photos of our boys below

    Bert Bokerat- 18 month old Danish Brown Leghorn (I belief this is called Partridge)

    Mr. Bigglesworth - Age unknown and breed unknown, most likely a mix.. he was given to us

    Ratchet -Age and breed unknown, also a mix of some kind, also given to us. He is also quite a bit smaller than the other boys... I'm wanting to say that he might be from Banty stock at one time.

    Thank so much in advance!!
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    The brown leghorn is black breasted red, hens of the Partridge variety look different then Black breasted red hens. The roosters look Identical between those 2 colour tho.

    The second rooster isnt really any sort of colour, I would guess someone bred a red or a black breasted red bird with a black, so only on the wings you get the red bleeding thru. Going by body build I think the black parent was an australorp.

    The third rooster is a Spangled.
  3. FarmMomof3

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    So for her project should her be putting Partridge for the Danish Brown or would Black Breasted Red be a better description?

    For The 2nd Rooster (Mr. Bigglesworth) Should we make up a colour designator? or what would be the closest? As close as it could be would be in my dd's best interest for her project.. since they are asking for scientific indentifications and such.
    Thank you for clearing up the colour name of the 3rd rooster for me... Very helpful indeed
  4. FarmMomof3

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    Also.. the 2nd Rooster, Mr. Bigglesworth has some feathering on his legs and feet.. but not very much... like 3-4 feathers on each leg near the foot.
  5. Matt A NC

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    The first looks like a Light Brown Leghorn. Danish is bloodline/strain. Though he looks awfully thick through the chest to be a pure bred Leghorn. Anyways if he is pure his color would be called Light Brown. That is the description of the color/variety for a Leghorn. It is very similar to the BBRed in other breeds.

    The second is simply a mutt.

    The third looks like a Speckled Sussex mix.

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  6. FarmMomof3

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    Awesome awesome!! Thank you so much!!!

    The Danish brown leghorn is a hatchery chick... They say they keep their "heritage breeds" in a different breeding facility so that you get pure bred chicks.. but of course i can't be certain of that, since I didn't breed or hatch him out. I very much doubt that a stray bird got in and populated in thier breeding facility. I also know that he is of Utility quality.. but since we aren't breeding for purity or for show... and is this just an experiment for my 12 year old daughter, this isn't an issue. We have birds for egglaying only and have a tiny farm fresh egg business on the side. so we are in need of more hens this coming year anyways.. so this is a great for everyone.

    I do want to breed for purity at some point in the future, as I find this fascinating as does my 12 year old. but for now.. our motley crew of rag tag birds is good enough. :)

    Now the Spangled or Speckled rooster. he is much smaller than the other two... I'm not that familiar with the Sussex breed.. are they smaller in stature as well? It'll be interesting to see what kind of chicks he throws out.
  7. LeJeune1

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    I wanted to chime in about your Roos. This is all in My Humble Opinion. . . The first does look like a LB Leghorn, but kinda stocky, he would pass on white-egg laying genes to his off-spring, as noted by his whgite Ear Lobes. The second dude is all mixed up. He looks Astroloprie, but the feathered legs are throwing another breed into the mix. And the third looks Millie Fleur so maybe OEG bantam.
  8. Matt A NC

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    The SS could be a runt standard or an oversized bantam. If it is a hatchery bird you just never know. They do make good dual purpose birds and if from a hatchery would be specifically for bred those needs and not show. I have alot of hatchery birds here and some that are the same breed have quite a few differences, but they are here to provide eggs so I don't care about looks.

  9. sevenbabychicks

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    I recently found this "Chicken Calculator" - some of it involves guesswork, but it might be fun for you and your daughter to try out [​IMG] Good luck!

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  10. FarmMomof3

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    Yes thank you! I found that as well... It took me a while to figure out how to use it.. (since the instructions are in danish) but yeah.. looks fun!!! Although it doesn't have the exact colour variations of our birds

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