What colours will I get???

oscars chooks

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Mar 7, 2011
Hi all, I have a flock of a few colours. In the flock there are 2 buff hens,1 buff cock, 2 goldlaced hens,1 goldlaced cock,1 white hen, 1 chocolate hen and 1 black hen.

I know if you cross a buff x goldlaced youd get buff columbian but what about the following....

buff x chocolate?
goldlaced x chocolate?
buff x white?
goldlaced x white?
chocolate x white?

if you could answer these it would be great!


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Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
What breed are you working with here and are we talking about Real Sexlinked Recessive Choc. ? or Dun ?

If real Choc and if she is the hen, then its going to be the same as if she were black in the first generation.

Buff X Choc = Black birds leaking buff. ( I think the males would be carrying one copy of Choc and I dont think the females will have any being that its Sexlinked Recessive.

Same with the GL X Choc Black with Gold leakage. ( split choc males)

Crossing white a White, if they are all the same breed then I am going to assume this is Recessive white and the color you get will depend on what is being masked under the White, which you cant know unless you breed them or know their genetic history.

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