What Could I Do With This Whelping Box?

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  1. Rebecky54

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    Found this in the want ads:


    I've been looking for shelter for young birds at night -- I already have the chain link run. This is when they are feathered out and ready to go outside. I'm thinking with a lift-up roof and legs I could use it.

    Any other ideas?

    Here's what the ad said:

    I built this for my dog when she had puppies and now they're gone and I no longer need it. It's got a sleeping area and a seperate area that I used to start paper training the puppies. The door in the middle slides in and out if the puppies need to be seperated, also 2 separtate doors on the end with hinges and latches. This worked excellent for momma and her babies and would be perfect for someone who breeds small to medium sized dogs (our's is a cocker spaniel).
    The whole box measurements are 3 ft wide by 6 ft long.

  2. BeccaOH

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    Oct 3, 2008
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    Oh, I see a chick brooder there. [​IMG]
    Cover it with an old window screen and it appears pretty much ready to go.
  3. CupOJoe42

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Great find! I was also thinking chick brooder, or turn it over and make 2 nesting boxes!

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