What could it be?


12 Years
Apr 13, 2007
I just noticed that one of my Buff Orpingtons is not feeling well. She's breathing a little heavy and just sits on the floor of the coop. Her crop is empty and appears normal otherwise. Not interested in food or water either. If I move her somewhere else she just sits down. What could it be?
How old is she?
It might be best to isolate her and keep an eye on her.
Hope she improves or someone else comes up with an answer for you.
* You need to keep her hydrated; if you use an eyedropper and put a few drops in her beak at the side does she swallow on her own?? Breathing heavily could be heart or heat related or any of several respiratory illnesses which can be very serious in chickens.
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I put her in a large animal carrier and gave her some food and water. She would drink if I put it right in front of her and she pecked at the food. Everything looked like it wa getting better. Her breathing slowed down to normal and I figured that if she was drinking and at interested in food that she would be O.K. in time. About four hours after I first noticed that something was not right she was dead.

She was just over a year old and at least I knew she was well cared for and lived a good life. I opened her up to see if there was anything that was obvious but everything looked normal. Liver, lungs and everything else looked good. I did think it was odd though that I didn't find the heart. I must admit that this was the first time I have ever seen the insides of a chicken that didn't come from the store.

There was an egg inside that was ready to go but my untrained eye did not see anything obvious. It does seem odd though that it all happened so fast. I knew something was likely to happen eventually as we have not lost a single girl since we got them as chicks.
It is sad to lose a friend but I know how she lived and it makes it easier to deal with.

Now we will be watching the rest of the flock for anything out of the ordinary so maybe this can be prevented. Thank you all for your support that's why I love this forum.

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