What could make a 2 wk old chick sick??

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I just hatched 15 chicks out 2 weeks ago. They have all been doing great, growing like weeds. This am I notied one is all rufled up, listless and just standing there with its eyes closed getting knocked around. I'm feeding the medicated starter feed and am keeping the brooder, waterer and feeder very clean. What could it be?? What should I do??
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    Mar 27, 2009
    You probably need to isolate her from the others as they may start to peck at her. Give her some sugar water to give her energy. Does she have pasty butt? If so you need to get that off right away. Are you noticing her eating and drinking and pooping normally? SHe may be cold. Let us know....
  3. Glenda L Heywood

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    Apr 11, 2009
    It is coccidiosis
    you need to immediately treat the whole group as it will go thru them all do this


    Only when you see your chicks humped up with ruffled feathers standing alone in the corner, only drinking water they have started to get coccidiosis
    this is only after they have been put on new soil
    there are 9 kinds of coccidiosis germs
    so every place may have different coccidiosis germs present

    generally they do not get it in brooder
    but you can carry it into them by handling sick chicks
    or they get it when put in the brooder house and walk where sick chicks have walked or on soil

    DO NOT medicate for coccidiosis IF your birds do not have symtoms of coccidiosis
    It is very hard on them and will only cause them to be resistant to the medication when you need it
    I always started the chicks on this recipe and seen to it the sick chick got to the feeder
    chicks will generally eat a wet mash

    do not give the probiotic wet mash TILL they are over the medication
    The day you take them off medication feed the probiotic wet mash and do so three days
    then once a week for life
    I have a wet mash recipe that has been very successful for myself and others for when chicks get coccidiosis

    When you spot chicks humped up standing in the corner or over by them selves after putting on the ground I always immediately fed this to them
    1 gallon of dry crumbles
    1-1/2 gallon of water
    in the water use 1/2 first with 1 tsp of amproylium powder
    I have used 1 tsp of sulmet
    but I prefer a amproylium product

    If few chicks make only 1 cup of dry crumbles and 1/8 of tsp of amproylium powder
    2 cups of water mixed with amproylium powder

    Then add rest of water till it is a very wet mash
    put in feeders for all chicks so that each chick gets 2 tsp of it
    see to it that the sick ones get to the wet mash
    have the amproylium put in the drinking water for 7 days as well

    ONLY MX what amount you will need to provide for the number of chicks you have so each chick eats 2 tsp per feeding
    If you make too much store in ice box for next day
    Only feed the medicated wet mash three mornings and when they finish it then cleclean the feeders and put back regular crumbles

    And when chicks are well give this wet mash for natural probiotic effect to chicks
    Thus the gut flora to fight disease is rebuilt after medication

    Probiotic wet mash
    1 gallon of dry mash (crumbles)
    2 gallon of milk (sour is great as they like it, to sour a gallon use 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon)
    1/2 cup non flavored yoguart
    mix and feed 2 tsp per chick twice week
    and then once a week when not medicating chicks for life

    Also when not medicating put 2 tbsp of ACV per gallon of water they drink three times a week
    ACV only helps the chicken to use calium and vit D thoughly in th
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    Dec 16, 2008
    Northern NV
    Can it still be cocci if they have never touched dirt? Just in a brooder indoors?
  5. MakNat

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I do not think it was cocci. They went straight from the bator to a sterilized brood box. I started them on the feed that is supposed to pervent cocci. I think it was just a weak chick. Sadly I have since culled it. Everyone else is doing GREAT!!!!

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